10 Best Google Chrome Extensions For SEO

10 Best Chrome Extensions SEO Purpose

Chrome’s web browser store provides you with the best Google chrome extension for SEO purposes. This blog shares with you, how chrome extension can help in your SEO efforts within a one-click moment without waste your time.

Google chrome’s web store is providing you with many Extensions. This is more useful & one of the best features of google chrome. When you are surfing the internet, you have to need many tools in office work with surfing the internet. Chrome has paid and free extensions. It’s very easy to use search for any extension and download with the automatic install.

Let’s glance at the 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO:

Below we have mentioned the best Google Chrome extensions for SEO which are provided by the Google Web Browser store, please have a look-:

Chrome Extensions


MozBar is a more valuable extension.  it helps to provide the information of any website Page Authority, Domain Authority, Links metrics, Internal links, External links, Highlight-what keyword you search on the webpage, Page load speed, Spam score. This Moz extension understands these all things for SEO purposes.

Hoxx VPN

Hoxx VPN helps to access the blocked sites that are not available in your local area because of many restrictions and provide a private network. You can use this VPN extension freely. For SEO purposes, you can check the keyword ranking of your website or webpage.

Copy URLs

Copy URLs is a fantastic extension. You can run copied multiple URLs and You can copy All URL of tabs in one window. This extension helps to run the many websites that you want at the same time.


Grammarly is a very useful chrome extension for SEO when you write SEO-friendly Content. It helps to correct your spelling and grammar mistakes. This extension helps you to learn the spell of your words. It works at some time of your entire mistakes. It is more popular globally.


SEOquake is an advanced extension. It gives you information, which website rank globally. It analyzes any website with Alexa ranking and SEMrush ranking. They share the details about how many times are indexed a website in Google & Bing. Their full details of webpage, Domains & analyze their backlinks, Age of domain of web archive, Compare URLs, display advertising, the density of keywords, Page info, diagnosis, internal and external links.

Chrome Extensions


Bit.ly convert the original URLs into shorter URLs. Even you can track stats like the numbers of clicks a link has got. They generate shorten URLs Automatic within one click.

Last Pass

The last Pass remembers the username & password. It is a free password manager. Sometimes, many people forget their username & password because of a strong password. They record your password and whenever you need it. You can sync your password anywhere. Now, you are unable to forget your password.

Page Analytics by Google

Page Analytics is an awesome chrome extension for your website. They share the important information of your website such as Real-time user clicks on-site, active users, page views, unique page views, Avg. time on page, bounce rate. They help you optimize your site, develop the User experience.


BuzzSumo is special for a content marketing tool, you can search for most shared content with social media, you can view who is sharing the page on Twitter, view backlink count, it can analyze the formats of top-performing content.


Link miner is a helpful extension. They inform you of the backlinks, social links with the webpage onto a.CSV file. This extension is also time-consuming and without any proper tools.


These all SEO related most used Chrome extensions are mentioned with this blog. These tools can help to make your browser On-The-Go and help to understand your website easily, Boost your work performance and save more time.

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