“Antivirus vs Antimalware” – Difference between Antivirus and Anti-malware

Antivirus vs antimalware

If you are not into software, This question regarding antivirus vs antimalware might hit you million times.

Most of all antivirus and antimalware are two major types of protection available.

Antivirus vs Antimalware-Difference between Antivirus and Anti-malware

Now, let’s examine the common difference between malware vs. virus.


The virus is a set of programs that multiply itself to infect and destroy saved data. It is much like a human virus that starts growing when comes in contact with data. The main chances of viruses come from unsecured browsing, copying data from the infected drivers stuffs downloaded from untrustworthy sites.

  • An antivirus usually deals with more specific threats like Trojans, worms, ransomware
  • A specific term for malware
  • There is a number of antivirus solution in the market from where you can choose the best antivirus to get protected from viruses.


Malware, on the other hand, is a hypernym of various malicious software like adware, ransomware, Trojans, spyware, phishing tools, etc. This malicious program intends to hijack computing functions, stealing credentials, monitoring user’s activity.

  • An antimalware is employed on computers a.w.a. gateway server and dedicated network.
  • A hypernym of viruses.

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Comparison: Antivirus vs Antimalware

It is quite clear about the common misconception between antivirus and antimalware, now have a look at the comparison below:

Antivirus vs antimalware difference

According to the recently published Internet security threat report, the 2018 US has emerged as one with the highest number of cyber threats. The report also shows that GandCrab, REvil first ransomware attack targeting IT service providers.

The United States emerged with 26.21% emerged as the most vulnerable country followed by China and India. China had 10.95% of global threats slightly more than India with 5.09% of global cyber threats. The US continues to be the highest impacted country by spam and bot attacks.

The global internet security threat report was based on 8 metrics viz. Malware attacks, spam attacks, online phishing, bot attacks, network attacks, web attacks, crypto miners and ransomware.

The threat ratio has diversely increased in recent years. The increment in cyber-attacks has questioned online privacy. The need for antivirus and anti-malware is a must for countering cyber-attacks.

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Difference between antivirus Vs antimalware

According to SOPHOS 2020 Threat  Report GandCrab, REvil first ransomware attack targeting IT service providers.

Antivirus Vs Antimalware: Conclusion🕴

Although cybercrimes are on the verge of growing but it’s better to be prepared.

The recent online cyber reports extensively show the growth in crime rates. Antivirus and Anti-malware both work in conjunction. It’s better to be updated with both the software for data security & optimization. Antivirus remains an important tool to keep cyber-attacks perishable. They offer advanced support to your computer for a better user experience, while anti-malware included with internet security and completes the security.

On a short note, antivirus vs. antimalware doesn’t necessarily compete with each other. They work in conjunction to provide the optimum data and online security to the users from cyber-attacks


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