Avast Vs Norton 2023- Which Is Better Norton Or Avast?

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If you are an active user of technology then you might have come across the names Avast and Norton. Well, these are the two most popular antivirus brands and have been operating for many decades. Here, we are going to do a detailed Avast vs Norton contrast to find which out of these antivirus brands is better. We will also compare the major features offered by these two antivirus programs.

Introduction To Norton Vs Avast

In the later section of this article, we have discussed whether Avast is better than Norton or is Norton better than Avast. But before heading towards the Avast vs Norton comparison, let’s have an overview of these two antivirus brands.

What Is Avast Software?

Avast is a software giant and was created in 1988. It is based in the Czech Republic and is a product of a multinational cybersecurity software company. The most famous product of Avast is its Antivirus software, besides it also offers other products like Avast Cleanup Premium, AntiTracker, Mobile Security, Avast Secureline VPN, etc.

What Is Norton Antivirus?

Norton has been in the market since 1991 and is a product of California-based Tech Giant. It is mainly known for its antivirus products though it also offers many other products like Norton Secure VPN, Computer Tune-Up, Ultimate Help Desk, etc.

Both Avast and Norton offer a great variety of products. But to know which Norton vs Avast is better, we will only compare their antivirus products.

Comparing Various Aspects Of Avast Vs Norton

To find which is better between Avast and Norton, we will compare them on the basis of various factors:

  1. Features Offered By Them
  2. Affordability Of Norton Vs Avast
  3. Device Compatibility
  4. User Friendliness
  5. User Support

So, now let’s find which is better, Norton or Avast by comparing them on the basis of the above-mentioned factors.

Features Offered By Avast Vs Norton

There are lots of features offered by both Avast and Norton. Let’s discuss these features one by one:

Features Of Avast Antivirus

Norton Vs Avast

Avast antivirus is known to save your computer as well as your internet browsing from being affected by viruses and other threats. For this, it offers a variety of features like:

  • It comes with an anti-spam feature. Its anti-spam feature blocks spam from entering your device.
  • This software uses a 6 layered firewall to provide protection against malware, ransomware, and many other threats.
  • The Data Shredder of Avast cleans up unwanted data and keeps your computer light.
  • It also offers a browser cleaner. This cleaner automatically cleans your browser.
  • The Software Updater of Avast automatically updates all the programs to their latest available version. This can help you to prevent the vulnerabilities of outdated apps.
  • Avast also provides protection against spyware by keeping your webcam protected.
  • There are lots of other features like CyberCapture, Secure DNS, Firewall, Sandbox, etc. that make Avast a good choice for safeguarding your computer.

Features Of Norton Antivirus

Avast or norton features

Like Avast, Norton also comes with some powerful tools. The major Norton antivirus features are:

  • It enables you to scan your computer for any kind of unwanted material, such as viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan, ransomware, etc.
  • Norton also secures your Webcam by blocking all the trackers for you.
  • You can scan either one part or whole of the PC and remove the malicious files and programs.
  • It also comes with a password manager. This tool can help you in setting strong passwords and managing them.
  • Norton VPN also keeps your internet surfing safe and secure. Its Safe Web browser extension protects your online browsing by blocking malicious URLs.
  • Its smart firewall alerts you when some program is trying to connect to the internet.
  • It also provides the feature of Cloud Backup of up to 2GB so that your files can be protected in case of a ransomware attack.

These are the major features offered by Avast vs Norton. Both of them offered solid security features. Norton offers a bit more features compared to Avast, like the password manager, cloud backup, etc. The features of Norton are also quite handy. So, in terms of features, Norton has a bit slighter edge over Avast.

Avast Or Norton, Which Is Easy To Use?

Avast is a name that people trust. Its usability is quite comforting, and people with low or less knowledge of computers can also easily use it. It comes with a quite intuitive interface and lets you easily navigate through its menus. It also provides short tutorials for configuring and setting it up.

Earlier, Norton was a bit complex software and was not so easy to use. But in its recent updates, it focused on its usability and improved its interface a lot. Still, its interface is not that attractive but you can find all the major tools at the main window.

So, both Avast vs Norton are very easy to use. But, you will find the interface of Avast antivirus a bit attractive.

Device Compatibility Of Norton Vs Avast

In the sphere of compatibility, the scope of Avast is wider than Norton. Avast can work in Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Whereas, Norton is only compatible with Windows and macOS devices. This means that you cannot use Norton on devices like mobile phones.

Norton Vs Avast Antivirus, Who Offers Better Support?

Norton Vs Avast Support

Whether you are a novice or a beginner, it is really important to look for user support, especially in the case of technical software. Avast provides its customers with industry-standard chat support, Ticket Support, and Email Support. Besides, it also provides lots of amazing blogs and tutorials.

In this field, Norton is a step ahead, as it provides its customers with live support, Chat support, and Ticket support. This can help in providing the desired solutions to a user.

So, between Norton vs Avast, you will find the support provided by Norton much more friendly. 

Which Is More Affordable, Avast Or Norton?

In this section, we will compare the price of these antiviruses to find Norton vs Avast which is more affordable. The basic cost of Avast Premium Security is $39.99 per year. With this plan, you can secure only one device. Additionally, you may find another plan of Avast antivirus that costs around $49.99 and allows you to secure up to 10 devices. 

Conversely, Norton offers only a single plan that costs around $39.99/year. With this plan, you can secure up to a maximum of 5 devices at a time.

Avast Vs Norton: Winding Up

Through this article, we tried to find Norton vs Avast which is better. Both Avast and Norton, are names that have been in the market since the beginning of the Computer protection programs. They embrace in them great security features. Though if you want to enjoy additional features like a password manager or cloud storage then it is suggested to go with Noton. However, for protecting more than 5 devices, choosing Avast can prove to be cost-efficient.

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