Bitdefender Pros And Cons

Bitdefender Pros And Cons

Bitdefender is one of the best antiviruses which gives solution for cybersecurity that provides digital protection for all types of customer. It is user-friendly, genuine, and speedy. It can protect you from different types of viruses which include malware, adware, and ransomware. In this article, we will discuss Bitdefender pros and cons to know whether this antivirus is worth it or not?. 

Let’s discuss the pros and  cons  of  Bitdefender Antivirus   in brief

Let’s start with the advantages of Bitdefender Antivirus 

  • Great malware protection-According to the independent tests lab Bitdefender has scored perfect in protection from malware. It quickly eliminates malware if anyhow it enters your PC. In detecting malware, the speed of Bitdefender is best. 
  • Fast and secure VPN- When it comes to providing a fast and secure VPN most of the antivirus software lack. No one could track you or block your access when you are secured with Bitdefender.
  • Best firewall security-  If we see Bitdefender in performance it is top-notch. Also, it blocks unwanted traffic too. It also helps to secure your PC from malicious software.
  • Speedy installation- It is super easy to install, the website of Bitdefender antivirus shows everything in detail.  Without facing any installation problem you can easily install it. if you are stuck with some issues the quick responsive team will help you.
  • Barely intervein with other software-  This is one of the best characteristics we have found in Bitdefender that it does not intervein with other software in your PC but helps PC to work faster.
  • Best security rating- There is triple-shield protection in Bitdefender on which you can trust blindly, It stops your personal information from the third party.
  • Anti-fraud- Bitdefender warns you if it seems you visit any dubious website.

So, in the above section, we have discussed all the advantages of Bitdefender now let’s discuss the disadvantages of Bitdefender Antivirus:

  • High rate- We could say the biggest disadvantage of Bitdefender. They have a huge difference in their prices when it comes to low-rate products or high-rate products.
  • Limited access to VPN- The daily limit free VPN has is 200Mb which is not sufficient to shop or bank securely.
  • Poor offline security- Bitdefender does not work properly if you have not connected your PC to the internet.
  • Notifies to upgrade plan – Sometimes you may find this irritating that it will always ask you to upgrade your plans.
  • Consume time to scan- If you are using a laptop then I would suggest you keep the battery full because it consumes time to scan, or sometimes it is stuck and uses more power to scan everything and the laptop starts draining fast.

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These are the Bitdefender pros and cons in our section, we have discussed all the important features and services of Bitdefender in detail. let’s drive into it.

Features of Bitdefender Antivirus 

  • Great parental advisor- Bitdefender gives you the power to block some particular websites with parental control.
  • Advanced privacy firewall- It prevents you from hacker attacks and keeps you safe from malicious software.
  • Safe from frauds- It alerts you before you visit any suspicious sites
  • Assure browsing- It scans your search results before you open any link.
  • Battery mode- It is designed with maximum power ability
  • Auto file shredder-It automatically deletes unnecessary files on your pc.
  • Worldwide protective network- This system is designed to detect and act to the newest danger within 3 seconds.
  • Bitdefender Autopilot- Virus protection is completely automated
  • Gaming and work mode- Bitdefender is smart antivirus software that notices if you are working or gaming on your pc it does not disturb you while playing and turns off all the notifications.
  • Protected password manager- It securely protects your username and password.

Does Bitdefender Antivirus have a free version?

In the terms of security no doubt Bitdefender has good ratings. Yes, Bitdefender does have a free version. If you want to know about the features of Bitdefender in the free version, you are at the right place. We have mentioned all of its free version features in our next section. 

Features of Bitdefender Free version.

  • Device Support-The Bitdefender free antivirus comes with basic and essential features which means it only supports one device that you can only use for windows. The free version of Bitdefender antivirus is not available for macOS, iOS, or any android device you can also consider it one of its cons of Bitdefender.
  • Protection- One of the most basic and important features of Bitdefender is Real-time protection. If a threat is trying to enter your pc it is essential to have the antivirus which immediately stops it.
  • Security- While you browse the internet the free version of Bitdefender keeps you safe from harmful websites. While shopping or banking online Bitdefender’s free feature of anti-fraud and anti-phishing keeps you safe from online fraud.
  • Monitoring Threats– It frequently monitors the links and URLs you give access to and warns you if found something suspicious. Also, It automatically upgrades the free version of Bitdefender.

So, these were the Bitdefender pros and cons we hope that we have given you the detailed information. Now you can make your decision smoothly.

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