BleachBit Vs CCleaner 2022: Which Is The Best System Utility Software?


As time will pass, your PC will also start lacking. This is mainly due to the storage of many unwanted and useless caches or junk files in its database. 

Whether you are a professional worker or an individual, it is necessary to clean your system from time to time for its better performance. 

For this, you can use some utility software like CCleaner and BleachBit which are well-known in the industry. 

Here is a complete guide to compare BleachBit vs CCleaner that will help to make a wise decision.

Therefore, to know Is BleachBit better than CCleaner or Is there an alternative to CCleaner let’s deep dive into this article.

Which Is Better- CCleaner Or BleachBit?

Which Is The Best System Utility Software_

When it comes to differentiating these top-rated system utility software BleachBit vs CCleaner, the first thing that comes into our mind is how good they perform. 

The foremost difference between the two is that BleachBit is available for free whereas CCleaner comes with three plans Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. 

While CCleaner comes with advanced cleanup tools with their premium plans, BleachBit offers much decent with their free version. There are many options that CCleaner provides to their customers that BleachBit does not. 

Piriform CCleaner has a great customer support and experts to resolve any user query as quickly as possible. On the other hand, BleachBit does not come with any tech support.

BleachBit Vs CCleaner- A Detailed Comparison

BleachBit Vs CCleaner Comparison

In this detailed comparison between CCleaner and BleachBit, we are going to compare their features, capabilities of cleaning up registries, delete unused data, user interface, and customer support. At last, we will discuss how BleachBit or CCleaner differ in terms of pricing.

CCleaner vs BleachBit-Features

CCleaner has great features that help in deep cleaning your device. It also allows deleting un-usual files, any browsing caches or traces, and your windows registry. There are some advanced features like automatic PC analysis for a system health check. On the other hand, BleachBit also helps in removing unwanted files and allows a secure deleting option. Compared to CCleaner, BleachBit does not allow PC health check features to their customers.

BleachBit Vs CCleaner- Registry Cleanup

CCleaner software helps users to easily and deeply clean their device registry. Besides, this utility software includes several solutions for boosting the speed of your device. You have the option of restoring the previous version and creating a backup for it. BleachBit lacks this feature. The company claims that it offers Windows registry keys to do the same. But in many cases, it is not that effective as CCleaner.

CCleaner Or BleachBit- Delete Unused Data

One of the main motives of using any utility software is to clean your system junks. That means the software is much effective to remove such caches or cookies. For this, both CCleaner and BleachBit are equally effective. Though CCleaner has some advanced options for performing such a task. Compared to this, BleachBit also has a great potential to effectively remove such unused files and folders from your device.

BleachBit And CCleaner- Who Provide Better User Interface?

As compared to CCleaner, BleachBit has quite a straightforward and easy user interface. CCleaner is a vast utility software that comes with more products. That is why it has quite a tricky but not so complicated user interface. You can easily navigate to the other section of this software. BleachBit is free utility software and has some limited resources that is why their interface is much sorted.

BleachBit or CCleaner – Customer Support

Piriform CCleaner offers excellent technical support to its customers. The company offers a Knowledge Base FAQs section with technical information and video tutorials for users to solve their issues. You also have an option to use tickets for sending your query to the experts for finding the solution. Whereas BleachBit also has provided customer support but not so strong as CCleaner. It provides video tutorials, documentation, and allows you to ask any question at their GitHub profile. A forum option is also available in case you discuss any problem with a bunch of people. 

Therefore, this is a comprehensive comparison between CCleaner and BleachBit. As you can now figure out Which is better BleachBit or CCleaner? Heading towards the next section where we discuss how both software differs in their pricing section.

BleachBit Vs Ccleaner- Difference Between Pricing Plans

BleachBit Vs Ccleaner Difference Between Pricing Plans

Both CCleaner and BleachBit come with their free versions. CCleaner has more options for their services as it comes with three plans mainly free, premium, and premium plus. Whereas BleachBit only has single-tier free software in which they provide amazing system cleanup solutions. 

Plans Offered By Piriform CCleaner:

  • CCleaner Free: it offers some limited features for PC cleanup.
  • CCleaner Professional: Cost starts at $24.95 yearly for a single devices
  • CCleaner Professional Plus Benefits: Cost at $ 69.95 for two years available for 3 PCs.

Pros And Cons Of BleachBit System Utility Software

pros and cons of bleachbit utility software

[one_second]Pros of BleachBit

  • Software Available For Free 
  • Has Impressive Feature
  • Excellent User Interface
  • Limited Sources
  • Compatible With Various Operating Systems.[/one_second]

[one_second]Cons Of BleachBit

  • No More Backup Options
  • Does Not Allow Any Scheduling Option
  • Less Informative
  • Weak Customer Support[/one_second]

Pros And Cons Of Piriform CCleaner Utility Software

pros and cons of ccleaner utility software

[one_second]Pros Of CCleaner

  • Has Advanced PC Cleanup Features
  • Allow Auto Regular Updates
  • Offer Disk Cleaner And Real-Time Monitoring Option
  • A Complete Suite For System Cleanup.
  • Strong Customer Support [/one_second]

[one_second]Cons Of CCleaner

  • External software needed to download some extra feature
  • Limited Licences available
  • Basic performance improvement. [/one_second]

CCleaner Vs BleachBit- Which is best?

Both BleachBit and CCleaner are good utility software available in the market. Since CCleaner has a strong reputation and usage among the users as compared to BleachBit. If you are not from an IT background and have less machine management knowledge then you can choose any of the programs as per your requirement.

BleachBit does not cost any single penny from its users but still provides some decent utility tools to optimize your device. Similarly, CCleaner has come with their advanced plans and if you want more features then it’s not harmful to pay extra. 

Take your call as per your requirement and get the benefit of this BleachBit vs CCleaner Reddit comparison guide.

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Is There Any Alternative To Ccleaner

alternative to piriform CCleaner utility software

There are many well-reputed system utility software available in the market and you can choose from any premium PC utility applications. Our recommendation is to switch over:

  • Avast Cleanup
  • Iolo System Mechanics
  • Iobit Advanced SystemCare
  • Norton Utilities

You can check other important comparison guides such as:

  • Avast Cleanup Vs Ccleaner
  • Iobit Vs Ccleaner
  • Ccleaner Vs Iolo System Mechanics
  • Iolo Vs Norton Utilities

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FAQs- BleachBit Vs CCleaner Comparison Guide 2021

Does BleachBit Really Work?

Yes. BleachBit works with your device. It is a completely free PC optimization application and comes with highly effective tools. You can use this software for your basic need. 

Is There Anything Better Than CCleaner?

We have mentioned some more advanced system utility programs that you can opt for as an alternative to CCleaner. You can also compare them with other utility software.

Does CCleaner Really Delete Everything?

CCleaner is a well-reputed system cleanup brand that lasts in the industry for many years. Therefore, the company satisfies theirs for many years. Not only the software, but it also boasts device performance as well. 

Is It Worth Upgrading To CCleaner Professional?

This completely depends on your requirement. If you are satisfied with CCleaner Free plan then there is no need to switch to the pro version. But if you want some more advanced features and tools, you can surely go for a professional plan. 


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