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Corel Painter is one of the popular digital painting software around the globe. But, many software was introduced in the market and gave an uphill battle to the Corel company. To find all the great competitive software of Corel let’s scroll down. In this list, we conduct the best Corel Painter Alternatives that are easy to use and affordable. The best alternatives of Corel Painter include Clip Studio Paint, Krita, SketchBook, Procreate, and PaintTool SAI.

What Is Corel Painter?

Corel Painter is one of the fine software to convert traditional art into digital art. The software is utilized for drawing, painting, and printmaking. Recently the company launched Corel Painter 2023 version. Many users are running in the race to buy this software because of its valuable features. On the other side, numerous creators want to shift from this software due to its rising prices.

Why You Should Look For Corel Painter Alternatives?

The software is popular among professional users. However, it is not a good choice for beginners. Because of its complex features and functional bugs. It was coded in the 90s so many features of this software are very old. One of the biggest reasons is that Corel Painter is very expensive as compared to the other digital painting software providers.

List of Corel Painter 2023 Alternatives

We conduct a list of sensational Corel Painter Alternatives that make your toughest digital painting task easier. 

  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Krita
  • SketchBook
  • Procreate
  • PaintTool SAI

The mentioned 5 Software are alternatives of Corel Painter. Use the best that works according to your requirement after knowing about it. 

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is the first Corel Painter alternative that we have picked in this list. It is one of the excellent digital painting software providers. The software is used to draw comics, manga, illustrations, 3D objects/arts, etc. The software is a good choice for Windows and macOS users. Creating professional manga and comics offers cutting-edge drawing and colors tools. This one is the best software for those who love to draw and paint. In its built-in features list, users will get natural brushes that work beyond your graphic software. You can create your vision as you want it. The software is the foremost choice to bring your imagination into a realistic world. During the CSP sale, you can also get it at a very low price.

With ist powerful brush collection you can create every stroke of your painting as you want. In the software, you will find multiple advantages that make this software a leading choice.

Why Should You Choose Clip Studio Paint Against Corel Painter?

The reason you should choose Clip Studio Paint over Corel Painter Are:-

  • Thousands of Customizable Brushes
  • Ultimate choice to create drawing and Painting
  • Simple to create manga and comics
  • Two different Version Pro and Ex to choose the best
  • Prices of Clip Studio Paint are reasonable as compare to Corel Painter
  • Exclusive Clip Studio Paint Sale on the special events


The second software included in this list of Corel Painter alternatives is Krita. It is one of the finest free-to-use open-source digital painting software. The software is one of the relevant choices for those who are searching for free-to-use painting software. The software is a complete sketching and painting application. In the software, the user will be rewarded with all the advanced, commercial quality features. The software supports all the major desktop platforms. 

Krita is free-to-use software on the official website. But on the steam and Microsoft store, you will easily find its paid version with more extra features. 

Krita Vs Corel Painter

The reason for selecting Krita against Corel Painter are:-

  • Free to use digital painting and sketching software
  • Pop Up Palette option to quickly select brush and color
  • Brush Stabilizer to avoid shaky hand mistakes
  • Customize brushes option with 9 Unique Brushes 
  • Wrap-around mode to create smooth patterns and textures
  • To expand the amount of resources import brushes and texture packs


Sketchbook is the ultimate software designed for those who love to draw digital art. Working on this software feels like you are drawing on paper. The interface of the software is very neat and easy to understand. The software provides you all the desired features that you want while creating a painting, sketches, and illustrations. Numerous brushes options that a creator can customize according to their requirements. The biggest benefit of this software is it free to use with all the features. Below, we have discussed the reasons why you should look for this Corel Painter alternative.

What Are The Benefits of using Autodesk Sketchbook?

Reasons why should users prefer Sketchbook drawing software over Corel Painter.

  • Natural Drawing Experience Just like Pen and Paper.
  • Professional-grade tools
  • Layer editor feature
  • Flipbook Animation
  • Free to use software with all the commendable professional-grade features


Procreate is an award-winning digital painting software for professional users. It supports iPad and pocket-friendly device iPhone. The software is an excellent choice for professional creators. The software will provide you all the features that make your professional design on mobile easier. In this software, users will get lots of customizable options which include importing brushes and swatches. Most of the users utilize this software because of its easy-to-use interface.

Procreate Vs Corel Painter

Procreate is excellent software over Corel Painter because:-

  • Easy to use interface
  • Affordable Prices as compared to the Corel Painter
  • Freehand drawing options

The only drawback is the software only supports iPad.

PaintTool SAI

The name of the software explains its quality. PaintTool SAI is an amazing digital painting software that works according to the user’s interest. The software is used to create sketches, art, drawing, and painting. The software makes digital painting more entertaining and comfortable. 

Why Is Paintool SAI Is A Better Option Over Corel Painter?

The grounds why should you select PaintTool SAI over Corel Painter:-

  • Easy to use interface for beginners
  • Works in Windows, Tables, and mobile devices
  • Expressive with the digital pens
  • Adjust the pressure of the brush according to your need

Conclusion: Corel Painter Alternatives

Above mentioned details explain the alternatives of Corel Painter. The above-mentioned Clip studio Paint, Krita, sketchbook, procreate, and Paint tool SAI are the competitors of Corel Painter. All are reasonable as compare to the Corel painter and advance also. So, we will prefer you to choose one of them for better results at a reasonable cost or free.

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