Kaspersky Products & Their Features- Full Explained

kaspersky products

Kaspersky is an award-winning Antivirus software company that is designed to secure devices from malware and other threats. It is a multinational cybersecurity company located in Russia, 1997. Its products in 200 countries and territories around the world. In 2019, 550 million (approx.) users purchased Kaspersky products and features.

According to us, Kaspersky is the best Anti-virus for PC with my experience and I am still using Kaspersky’s total protection. You may easy to use. Kaspersky gives you offers and deals on products and features. Kaspersky has various types of Anti-virus for different users. Mostly Users want to buy those products which have more features. Users can purchase the Kaspersky product variant with PC recommendation. Their products are compatible with Windows and Mac devices.

products & Features:

  • Kaspersky Free Anti-Virus
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Kaspersky Total Security

kaspersky comparison

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Kaspersky Free (For Windows only)

Kaspersky is available free of cost. The free version of this antivirus software gives you core protection for your PC. It protects from different kinds of viruses like Trojans, worms, malware, and ransomware but you can’t get advanced protection services. If you want to advance protection with more features. So, you can buy a paid version.

Kaspersky Antivirus

This PC antivirus software provides security to protect malware, spyware, detection, and removal of viruses. This is the best Anti-Virus for Windows/Mac PC. It helps to stop cryptocurrency mining malware from damaging your PC’s performance. They reduce message and notification by enabling gaming mode also. You can only install it on Windows PC or laptop.


  •   Delivers real-time anti-virus protection
  •   Blocks ransomware, crypto lockers and more
  •   Prevent crypto mining malware infections
  •   performance – protects without slowing pc down
  •   Easy-to-use features that save your time

(Note: Compatible with windows)

Internet Security

KIS provides more security to its users. When you do work online- on your PC, MAC or Android Devices. Or finance-related transactions. at this point, it helps to protect your data. This is an advanced security and anti-virus that comes in budget.


  •   KIS Protects all type of viruses and threats and crypto 1lockers
  •   It prevents and protects online trackers from collecting your data
  •   Blocks all spyware found on your android device
  •   Secured payments and, with bank-grade encryption
  •   Protect from unauthorized access to your webcam

(Note: compatible with Windows, Mac, and smartphones)

Total Security

By doing a comparison between Total Security and Internet Security we found that Total security is beneficial for a commercial because they provide more protection with advanced features. It is also known as Multi-Device Family Security, Total Security is one of the best performing and best-selling service from all of the products. With Anti-Virus, password manager, webcam security, Anti-ransomware, VPN and 87 more Technologies – all in one Licence.


  •   Blocks all the viruses, threats and crypto lockers
  •   Secure payments method with the bank-grade method
  •   Secure all the personal data, images, documents and passwords
  •   Encrypt all the data shared, send or received online-VPN
  •   Stops watching you and your home through webcam spies
  •   Advanced parental control to helps kids

(Note: It compatible with Windows & Mac)

Plans and Packages

Kaspersky ProductsPrice (India)Price (US)
Kaspersky FreeFreeFree
Kaspersky Anti-virus₹479.20* (1 year)
Only 1 device
$23.99* (1 year)
Only 3 device
Kaspersky Internet Security₹699.30* (1 year)
Only 1 device
$31.99* (1 year)
Only 3 device
Kaspersky Total Security₹1396.85* (1 year)
Only 1 device
$39.99* (1 year)
Only 5 device

Customer support

This Antivirus software provides you support 24*7. Get solution Kaspersky technical support for all products. They help also enterprise support in the business.


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