Magix Movie Edit Pro vs Filmora 2023- Which is Better Video Editor?

magix vs filmora

Whether you are a part-time or a professional videographer, you need to have a powerful video editing software that’s easy to use. The video editing software helps you to edit your videos with the help of some easy-to-use and unique tools. Here we will compare Magix movie edit pro vs Filmora and will try to see which one is better than the other software. 

Currently, there are hundreds of video editing applications are available on the internet but not all work as per our expectations. Magix movie edit pro and Filmora are some of the best video editing software. 

Wondershare Filmora vs Magix Edit Pro Comparison 2023

FeaturesMagix Movie Edit ProFilmora
SupportWindowsWindows & macOS
Main FeaturesFlexible interface, Multicam Editing, Detailed colour correction, 650+ titles & transitions, Layer masksVideo Effect, Green Screen, Split Screen, Speed Control, Color Grading
Starting Price$39.99/Year&69.99/Year
Free TrialYesYes

Difference Between Filmora and Magix Movie Edit Pro

Both are professional video-editing software but Magix Movie Edit Pro is a video editing software developed by a European software development company called Magix in 2001. It offers tools and features such as Multicam editing and layer masks to give your video an exciting look.

Filmora is also a video editing software developed by WonderShare, a Chinese software development company in 2015 to provide the user with some powerful tools and features to create and edit a powerful video.

Wondershare Filmora vs Magix Movie Edit Pro – Compare Features

Both rival video editing software offers various tools and features that are useful as well as unique. We have below outlined the features of both applications.

Features of Magix Movie Edit Pro

Magix Movie Edit Pro

This one of the leading video editing software provides a bundle of useful features. Magix Movie Edit Pro has three versions and all versions have different features available according to their prices. This means the more advanced versions have more advanced as well as upgraded features. Besides Magix, you can go through another comparision between Filmora Vs Corel VideoStudio to understand this video editing features in a batter manner. Below are some of its key features:

  • Multicam Editing: Magix Movie Edit Pro allows you to edit Multicam editing up to four recordings that are playing simultaneously. You just have to click on the recording which you want to display.
  • 360 Degree video editing: This Software is capable to edit 360° as well as panorama videos. This exclusive feature is available with Magix Movie Edit Pro & Plus versions.
  • Professional Stabilization: Movie Edit Pro allows you to easily stabilize the shaky videos in just one click. 
  • Automatic Shot Match: By using this video editing software, you can easily transfer the visual characteristics of your videos. The Automatic shot match allows you to match the best level of your video colours, brightness, and contrast that match the best with your video.
  • Movie Looks: Movie Edit Pro provides you with a pre-made movie look feature that allows you to create a specific colour scheme and atmosphere for user’s videos. You just have to click on the desired style to apply to your video.

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Features of Wondershare Filmora

wondershare flimora

Filmora is one of the best and popular software available for video editing. This software is designed to create, make or edit high-quality videos. It allows you to edit 4K videos at an affordable price. Below are some of its key features that help people create a masterpiece.

  • Keyframing: This feature in Flimora video editing software allows create custom animation to elevate visual engagement.
  • Motion-Tracking: These intuitive features let you level up your video by object tracking that is accessible to everyone. Also, it has a speed control feature that allows you to control the speed of your video. 
  • Green Screen: Green screen features allows users to change the background and create a special effect like Hollywood movies. Filmora provides you with a green screen feature.
  • Split Screen: The split screen allows users to add multiple screens with a unique way to tell the story to their audience.
  • Sharability: Filmora offers you to share your creation on various social media platforms to showcase your work to your fans and friends.

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Pros and Cons of Filmora vs Magix Movie Edit Pro


Magix Movie Edit Pro Easy-To-Use Interfacelack of import and organization tool
4K Editingslow movie project rendering
Admirable Animation and effects 
FilmoraPreloaded multiple effects and filtersNo Custome effects and transitions effects
Auto-Adjusting time-lineDoesn’t support vector files
Green-Screen optioncan not create custom motion for any object
Quick preview and Audio support


Compare Prices of Magix Movie Edit Pro vs Filmora

Magix Movie Edit Pro has three versions available for users with different features and prices that users can choose from as per their preference. All three versions are below outlined:

  1. Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus: This is the basic version of this video editing software that is available at $59.99.
  2. Magix Movie Edit Pro: This version has some extra and advanced features than the Plus version and costs you $69.99.
  3. Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium: This is the advanced version that comes with the most advanced features and available at the price of $129.00.

On the other side, Filmora also offers three versions that come with different features and different prices.

  1. Subscription Plan: This basic version of Filmora video editing software costs $39.99 per year and comes with some basic features such as No watermark and Free tech support. During the time of Filmora Black Friday, heavy discounts are available on this plan.
  2. Perpetual Plan: This one costs $69.99 per year and you will get free access to Filmora X for a lifetime. This version includes all the features of the subscription plan and one-month unlimited download from the filmstock standard library, new effect every month, etc.
  3. Bundle Subscription Plan: This advanced version comes with the most advanced features available within the Filmora and it costs $99.87. This version comes with all the features of a Subscription and perpetual Plan. It also offers you to download the latest version and the features of this video editing features as long as a user subscribed.

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Wrapping Up- Wondershare Magix Movie Edit Pro vs Filmora 2021

Pros and Cons of Magix Movie Edit Pro vs Filmora

In this debate of Magix Movie Edit Pro vs Flimora, we tried to cover all their offered features that let users create a masterpiece with the raw data they took from their camera. 

If someone looking for a budget video editing software then they can choose Filmora. 

If you are looking for a video editing software that is capable of edit 4K videos and easy-to-use then you can choose Magix Movie Edit Pro.

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