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Nitro PDF PenPro for Macbook

There are quite many options of software in the market to get done your digital document format file known as PDF. Nitro PDF Pro is generally considered amongst the top of them for its good performance. It was developed by Nitro Software, Inc. in 2021 for Microsoft Windows. Till now it was only for Windows users and Mac users don’t have this amazing PDF creator and editor software. Here are large numbers of Mac users who also want to use it. It has updated its version which we call Nitro PDF Pro for Macbook also called as PDFpen. You can get this through the Wondershare coupon code that offers a good discount on it.

What Are The Features Of Nitro PDF Pro For Macbook?

Here are some of the functions of Nitro PDF for Mac or PDFpen by Nitro that will give you an idea that it is a compatible PDF editor for Mac.

Function Of Nitro PDF Penpro
  • Create PDF: You can create or scan any document and make PDFs in many file formats.
  • Mark Documents: You can mark, highlight, or underline any certain lines in your documents and make changes to them.
  • Correct & Copy-Paste Text: You can simply correct any part of the text and copy and paste the desired stuff into your documents. This can be done through its editable and movable blocks which are changeable in size.
  • Add Images & e-Signs: It allows you to add any image to your documents and also an e-Sign option. You can also share documents and request someone to e-Sign them.
  • Add Annotations: You can also add text, comments, and any types of annotation to look the document more informative.
  • OCR: It has an optical character recognition feature that can scan any document and makes its text editable. Also adjust the resolution, color, size, and contrast of PDFs.
  • Erase Or Blur Information: This feature will help you to erase or hide any certain information in PDF. It also creates a protected PDF by applying a password that makes it available for selected people.
  • Merge PDF: This allows you to add any page in the middle of the PDF by the “drag and drop page” option and make edit it. Put numberings in them in serial order without interrupting the previous changes.

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Advantages Of Nitro PDF Pro For Macbook: PDFPen By Nitro

Now here are some of the pros of Nitro PDF Pro for Mac which makes it the Nitro pro for mac best PDF editor.

Pros of Nitro PDF PenPro
  • Easy User Interface: Nitro pro in Mac provides the editing functions straight on the screen which are easy to see and use. Mac users will have an easygoing PDF-making and editing experience with Nitro PDF pro.
  • Put Links In PDF: It is something extra that this PDF editor works like editable documents. You can put any web page or site in your PDF with a clickable link.
  • Store PDF iCloud: You can save your PDF in your Mac device’s cloud, through this you can edit it from anywhere 
  • Make A Portfolio For PDFs: If you have a big number of PDFs collection, then create your portfolio. This will gather your PDF in a single portfolio that would be easy to share and manage.
  • Make Compatible PDF forms For Windows & Mac: You can Make a document in such format that can be easily accessible for Mac and Windows devices.

Disadvantages Of PDFpen By Nitro: Nitro PDF Pro For Mac

There are a few cons of Nitro PDF Pro for MacBook which are must check out before you get this PDFeditor of PDFPen.

  • No Image or Audio Support: It won’t allow you to insert any video or audio in the PDF.
  • Complex Editing & Formatting Text: Many users found it is hard to edit any part of the text which makes this function not user-friendly.
  • File Conversion Issue: When you convert your document into PDF, it gets sometimes failed. This problem gets resolved by re-installing the software which is time-consuming and marked as a bad user experience.
  • Uploading Problem Big Size Image: Sometimes it can’t upload your images that are big in size. So you have to adjust it or scan it through the OCR function and then try to upload it. By this, you can get overcome this problem.
  • Not Support in Older Mac Devices: In macOS previous versions like macOS 10.4 and 5,6, and 7 this upgraded software PDFpenPro doesn’t support.

These are the cons of Nitro PDF Pro, so you can get this PDFElement coupon that can let you get this app with a discount.

Support System: PDFpenPro For Mac

The previous version of PDFpenPro from 4 to 9 supports macOS 10.4 to 10.11 and its recently updated version’s information are below mentioned:

  • PDFpenPro 10 supports in macOS10.12 to 10.14
  • PDFpenPro 11 supports in macOS 10.13 to 10.15
  • PDFpenPro 12 supports in macOS 10.13 to 10.15 and 11.0

Pricing Of Nitro PDF Pro For Macbook: Is PDFpen Pro Free For Mac?

PDFpen Pro offers a free 14 days trial for mac users. After that, it has a basic subscription plan of $129.95 for a one-time license.

These are the high cost plan of it but you can still get this with this Nitro promo code with an amazing discount

Conclusion Of Nitro PDFpenPro For Mac

So, here we have stated how Nitro PDF Pro for MacBook is compatible with Mac devices. The formats you convert your PDF files are also suitable for Mac as well as Windows. Some other reasons are also there that cleared the minor limitation of this PDF editor. Mac users generally don’t have many other better options to create PDF. PDFpenPro upgrade version which is considered one of the best PDF editors for MacBook. It is an all-purpose tool for editing PDFs. The cost plan of this editor is quite affordable for mac users than most other substitutes for it. Besides its few cons, it is worth using this PDF editor for mac users.

FAQs Of PDFpenPro

Check out some of the most common queries that are related to Nitro PDFpenPro. 

Is Nitro PDF Pro For Macbook Still Free?

Yes, PDFpenPro is still providing you a free trial of 14 days for mac users.

What Is The Best PDF Editor For Mac?

PDFpenPro, Adobe Acrobat DC, FineReader Pro are the best 3 Pdf editor for macbook.

Is Nitro PDFpenPro A One Time Purchase?

Yes, PDFpenPro is a PDF editor tool for mac devices and you can download it free for trial or buy a one-time license.

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