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Pros and cons of Autodesk Inventor application

Autodesk Inventor is regarded to be one of the best modeling as well as designing software in the present times. It is software that is used professionally around the world. This Autodesk CAD program has been gaining the trust of engineers, contractors, and other designers for a long time. It helps the user in creating almost all kinds of technical designs that can be easily laid out into reality. Irrespective of the size and the type of the design, Autodesk Inventor provides its users with the best interface to ease their jobs.

We recommend users to be aware of the pros and cons of Autodesk Inventor. It will help them to see if is it going to fulfill their requirements or not.


Autodesk Inventor comes with a variety of tools that help users to create amazing structures with details and special focus. It has a library of components to choose features that allow great modeling facilities for your work.

With the help of Inventor, you can create designs of metals, wood, bricks, irrespective of their shape or size or the task they are meant to do. From large buildings to small tubes or pipes, it has all covered up. You can create different kinds of modeling such as Direct, flexible, freeform modeling, and lets you create dynamic designs with motions and movements with full control.

You can also share your designs on its forum with other people, who can review along with comment on them, giving you further guidance.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Autodesk Inventor?

Autodesk Inventors is a very efficient software that helps to make our lives better. Yet, it comes with its own sets of pros and cons. Now you shall read about them which we have mentioned below for your reference.

Advantages of Autodesk Inventor

Pros Autodesk Inventor software
  1. When we talk about the creation of complex designs, Autodesk inventor comes out with amazing results. Yet, it is feared that the efforts taken to draw such designs would also be breathtaking. But this is not true. Inventor is an easy-to-use application with a simple user interface, with all its components divided and sub-divided into clear divisions.
  2. Autodesk Inventor might come in quite handy when You want to convert the 2D design into a 3D. It helps you create life-like designs by converting them from simple 2D paintings to other software such as AutoCAD.
  3. The tools and features offered by Autodesk Inventor are hard to match. It has tools that help you create large as well as small designs. These features might be static or dynamic and may have motions and animations that will enhance their looks and features.
  4. With the use of Inventor, you can perform a variety of jobs such as creating different shapes, modeling objects, rapid configurations, simulation, and visualizations, etc. You can also add other tools used for designing such as injection molds, chains, frame designs, etc.
  5. The range of objects creation it offers to the users is wide. You can create objects that are made from metal sheets such as pipes, vehicles, and utilities of other kinds. You can also create objects made of plastic or wood, and in fact, large buildings or structures which as you know are made up of a mixture of many objects.

Disadvantages of Autodesk Inventor

Cons Autodesk Inventor software
  1. There are many programs available that can be used for the same purpose for free, or at a cheaper rate. Therefore we can say that Autodesk Inventor is a costly software as compared to many others. Also, it can be used only by professionals and large enterprises, but not by individuals that are newbies.
  2. The compatibility of Autodesk Inventor is a big loophole in its features. The problem is that a person can use Inventor only on a Windows Operating System. This makes its scope narrower than many other applications that offer greater compatibility with devices.
  3. The sketcher and modeling options provided by Inventor may not prove to be better than many of its competitors. In this sphere, it can work a little harder as the sketcher and modeling of other programs such as Casia and Pro/E is quite better as compare to Inventor.
  4. Assembling your design by mixing multiple designs together may turn out to be a bit confusing while using Inventor. It lacks clarity in this regard.
  5. The adaptivity tool of Autodesk inventor is not as robust as it should be. This creates problems for the users as they have to do extra calculations and work.

What are the best Autodesk Inventor alternatives?

The cons of Autodesk Inventor might discourage some users to choose this CAD product. To make it easy for them, below we have mentioned some of the best Autodesk Inventor alternatives.


It is software that facilitates the creation of 2D as well as 3D designs. It has a scope wider than Autodesk Inventor as it can also be used for the creation of electrical designs, architectural designs, civil and mechanical designs, whereas, Inventor only focuses on mechanical designs.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360 comes with many tools and features that are similar to those of Autodesk Inventor, yet Fusion 360 has an easier-to-use user interface. Although, the scope of its work is a little different, as it focuses on creating consumer product designs. Also, if you are thinking to purchase Fusion 360 then you’ll be glad to know that currently they are providing a 40% discount on its purchase. As the Fusion 360 Black Friday 2022 is here to save you a huge amount of money.


Solidworks is a software that poses a great competition to Inventor, as it comes with a number of tools and features just as similar to those of Inventor. Although, Solidworks is more user-friendly, and provides more patterns & dimensions to the users.


If you want to learn new skill in designing so you can check out Autodesk Revit. This software help you to make sketching, scheduling, annotating, and document production, Revit drives efficient BIM workflows and includes specialized tools. This software provides a Revit Promotion code also to save extra money.


We hope now you are well aware of the pros and cons of Autodesk Inventor. It will help you to make the right decision before purchasing this Autodesk CAD program. Additionally, in case if Inventor doesn’t fulfill your requirements, you can also check the above-mentioned Autodesk Inventor alternatives.


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