Pros And Cons Of Photoshop CC

photoshop pros and cons

Adobe Photoshop CC was released in 1988, published by Adobe corporation for macOS and windows. When it comes to editing photos the first software that comes to every creative artist is Adobe Photoshop CC. 

It is one of the best tools for photo editing and website designing. Photoshop has many features and numerous possibilities that allow creative artists to create stunning effects. This is how we cover every minor point in the pros and cons of photoshop CC guide. 

What Is Photoshop And Its Advantages?

Photoshop is probably the most popular software used by millions of creative artists for enhancing photos and videos. Apart from editing photos and videos it also helps to create wonderful paintings, 3d dimensional artworks, illustrations, and Infographics. This is the main advantage of Photoshop as compared to other digital painting software.

Adobe Photoshop provides readily available templates for designers that make their tasks convenient. Because of their increased features, bug fixes, and refining tools, this software has become competitive in the market.

What Is Good About Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop also allows the artist to design banners, logos, posters, icons, websites, mobile applications, and also provides advanced brushes to create digital masterpieces. 

Photoshop provides unique tools for amateurs as well as for the professional artist for example Gradient tool, paint symmetry, font options, brush smoke smoothing, magnetic lasso tool, magic wand tool, etc. 

What Is The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Photoshop?

Despite having numerous features and advantages, photoshop has some drawbacks also. Below are some pros and cons of Photoshop that are worth considering before you purchase this editing software.

What are 6 Advantages of using Photoshop as DTP software?

Numerous Designing Tools

This is the main reason why Adobe Photoshop has become the most popular photo editing software for designers. It offers so many tools for the manipulation of photos and images for the creative process. This amazing editing software is not only for editing photos but for graphics also. You can do almost everything from basic editing to advanced graphic designing using accessible tools in Photoshop. Artists can use this software for Animation, 3d designs, photo retouching, and much more.

Integrated Stock Library

Photoshop has its integrated stock library from where artists or designers can retrieve pictures or videos. So, rather than wasting time searching stock images for creative purposes, the integrated stock library in PS helps you in finding relevant images or videos. The libraries are synced through photoshop, letting the Artist move rapidly from task to task so that they can have even more control over the creative process.

PS Is More Than Just Photo Editing Software

Adobe Photoshop can primarily be used for photo editing but it also has features for basic editing of videos and animations. This process can be easily done by editing individual frames of videos or animation layers. Besides this photoshop can furthermore help in creating compelling graphics. Cover designs, flyer designs, brochure designs, etc can be created using tools in photoshop.

Edit Different Image Formats

Once the artist completes editing the image or picture they don’t need any other editing software to convert the image file is another great feature in photoshop. Photoshop allows editing almost all image file formats without requiring any expensive plugins.

PS Is An All-Purpose Software

With the latest version in photoshop, you can use its new added features 2023. For example, it automatically colors black and white photos. you can add bright pop-up colors to highlight the particular object and give it a dramatic look. Along with the pros and cons of Photoshop CC, there are some other new features of PS are adjusting facial features, duotone, adding motion to static images, sky replacement, and more. You can use photoshop to edit product images, manipulate photos, retouching or restoration of images. (

Transform Ordinary Photos Into Professionally Edited Photos

Photoshop can be used to edit simple photos and turn them into aesthetic photos. A businessman or any reputable organization will never take risks to post shabby pictures for professional purposes as your reputation would be at stake. Photoshop offers plenty of tools for transforming inadequate quality pictures into enchanting and magnificent pictures.

What Are the Disadvantages Of Adobe Photoshop?

It Is Expensive Software

Photoshop is a pricey may be affordable for professional users or businessmen but a hobbyist or small users who just want to do basic editing or retouching of photos can find PS an expensive software. they may prefer some gratis or economical software that consists of tools for basic editing. So if you want some basic editing in your photos, choose an alternative to PS that offers the same basic tools for free.

You Can’t Purchase PS Software

Adobe Photoshop is subscription-based software that means either you have to pay for its monthly subscription or yearly subscription. You can’t purchase a lifetime plan on PS. Once the users pay for its monthly or yearly subscription they will access its new features and updated program. So as far as you are using this software you have to pay for its monthly or yearly subscription. This is what we are explaining in the whole guide oh pros and cons of photoshop cc. 

It Is Not Ideal For Vector Graphics

Adobe Photoshop’s native compatibility with vector graphics is not that substantial. If the artist uses extra plugins to extend the functionality or usability then also you cannot edit any of the vector formats that need modifications. Particularly those who work with websites can find it hard to edit and create formats like SVG. Therefore photoshop is mainly considered as a raster picture editor. There is much other digital painting software like Corel Painter, Wondershare Filmora, CSP, and many more. You can also check clip studio paint alternatives in brief which is one of the best competitive software for adobe photoshop. 

Disorganized Toolbar 

Basic features and tools of adobe photoshop are easy to use and as they are easy to discover, however, the huge majority of tools are complicated to master because of their less detailed toolbar. It is a time-consuming process to understand which tool performs which task. Beginners can get online tutorials to understand and master PS advanced tools and features.

Beginners Can Become Perplexed 

There are plenty of tools and features in photoshop that are beneficial for every artist whether it is an amateur or an expert. But beginners with no prior experience may find it difficult to comprehend the toolset for editing and designing. Users can master it up to a certain degree with the aid of some online or offline tutorials. It is because of the massive amount of functions in the app that can confuse novices.


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