Vimeo is the online tool to share, create, and host the video at different platforms. Since November 2004 it has been started to provide simple & easy tools. Vimeo Coupon Code allures users to use the Vimeo tool for creating video, live streaming, screen record, & more.

Vimeo is like a magnet that attracts more audience. It increases traffic, viewers on your video content. If you are a beginner and want to promote the product or be a social media influencer. It is to be proven the best choice to publish live video/normal video on site, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & Linkedin

Rise to glory

Vimeo had risen in November 2004 intending to grow your business with video

After passing some years, started to provide the HD support video

It has taken the innovative companies involved Livestream, Magisto, and VHX.

In 2016, Vimeo had thought to offer the subscription service on demand.

Its headquarters is in new york, USA.

Vimeo has now 1.5 million subscribers, 3 million+ live streams, 1500+ OTT channels, 200M members in 150+ countries

In recent years, 150K+ videos had watched in a year.

Vimeo Coupon Code & Promo Code for Pricing & Plans

You would have known that Vimeo is the best platform to create, share, live streaming video. Through continue uploading videos & embed Vimeo videos to any other site, social media, every business can grow fast. Vimeo provides plus, Vimeo pro, business, a premium plan. And you can try a basic plan that is free to use for 30-day.

Vimeo Plus

Vimeo Plus Discount

If you are a single user and just thinking now to make videos to get traffic+viewers. You will get 5GB per week & 250 GB every year that price $12/mo if you pay the bill monthly. But Vimeo Plus Promo Code will save your money up to 41% that price shall $7/mo* billed annually. Vimeo plus free trial also available for 30-day & it will charge money before ending the 30-day free trial.

Features –

  • There will be unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player, 4K & HDR support videos. No ads visibility issue while playing the Vimeo videos and you can embed any video anywhere. Customize video player, custom end screens.
  • Publish the video on Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube.
  • Via the analytics dashboard, you can see the video report
  • Email support by an expert within 4 hours
  • Privacy protection on your work of videos

Vimeo Pro

Vimeo Pro Coupon

Get Vimeo Pro plan by Vimeo Pro Coupons to save your money that bill annually. It includes 20GB per week, 1TB every year, and perfect to buy for 3 team members. Vimeo Pro has all the same features which are everything in Vimeo Plus. Other additional pro features are –

  • Create & publish unlimited videos, customizable video templates, unlimited stock photos, videos & licensed music.
  • Add your logo & video chapters, playback speed control, third-party player support.
  • Private team projects
  • Collaboration – unlimited reviewers, private video presentation, version history, review & approval tools.
  • Distribution & marketing – custom site with your own domain, Roku & Amazon Fire TV apps, customizable portfolio. Embeddable playlist, shareable video pages (also in Vimeo Plus).
  • Engagement and duration graphs for analytics
  • Email support within 2 hours on business’s working day
  • You can also earn money by selling videos worldwide in different countries.

Vimeo Business

Vimeo Business Coupon

Vimeo provides a business plan for business growth and can use up to 10 members. It has no weekly limit as plus & pro and a total of 5TB storage for 10 team members. The price is $50/mo* that bill annually & through Vimeo Promo Code, you can get a discount. Every feature are same that are in Vimeo pro + additional features for Vimeo Business are –

  • Custom branding video creation
  • Player call-to-action
  • Add custom logos and colours
  • Custom card, call-to-action in the player
  • Collect email address in the player
  • Marketing software integration
  • Email support within 1 hour & limited weekend support
  • Google analytics integration
  • Showcase SEO, Lead generation

Vimeo Premium

Vimeo Premium Promo Code

Vimeo premium is the best plan if you want unlimited live streaming to promote business. All the features are the same as in the Vimeo business plan but the Vimeo premium plan is expensive than all others. Get the Vimeo premium for unlimited live viewers, 7TB total storage and price is $75/mo* billed annually. With Vimeo Premium Coupon Code, you can save maximum dollars on purchasing this plan.

  • Free Live Camera
  • Live Stream at multiple destinations
  • Live Q/A, graphics & polls, audience chat
  • For 10 team members
  • Live & post-event analytics
  • Live Streaming – unlimited events & viewers, Live graphics, up to 1080p streaming, auto-archiving, studio encoding software.
  • Live support

Frequently Asked Questions

a)    Does Vimeo have analytics?

Yes, Vimeo provides analytics in all plans but engagement & duration graphs are not included in Vimeo plus. Google analytics integration available only in business & premium plan.

b)    How do I cancel my Vimeo free trial?

  • To cancel Vimeo free trial from the website – just log in to the Vimeo account.
  • Click on the profile icon
  • Click on Manage Subscription
  • Click on cancel subscription
  • Click on continue
  • Select cancel subscription
  • A confirmation pop-up message will appear

c)    Is it free to upload on Vimeo?

When you use Vimeo basic that is free to use for 30 days, maximum 500 per week limit.

d)    How long can videos be on Vimeo?

You can make a video using Vimeo Create  up to 10 minutes

e)    How Vimeo makes money?

You can earn money by selling your videos directly to fans worldwide.

How to use Vimeo Coupons & Promo Code?

Here, you will save maximum dollars on Vimeo plan by dint of Vimeo Coupon Codes. Promo Codes & Coupons are available for every Vimeo Plus, pro, business & premium plan. we will recommend you a plus plan if you are a beginner. And if you want to create a video choose the Vimeo Pro plan. Vimeo premium is suitable merely if you want to live streaming for your business.