Webroot Vs Malwarebytes 2023 – Which Antivirus Is Better To Use?

webroot vs malwarebytes

Choosing the right antivirus program is quite tricky as there are hundreds of options available in the market. Malwarebytes and Webroot are two of them and are used by a large number of users. By doing a detailed Webroot Vs Malwarebytes comparison, we will try to find which out of these antiviruses, you should opt for.

Overview To Malwarebytes Vs Webroot

Malwarebytes is an Anti-malware software that helps its users to find and remove viruses and malware from their devices. It was initially released in 2006 by Malwarebytes Corporation. It provides its customers both free as well as paid services.

Webroot, on the other hand, is a cybersecurity software company, that is based in America. It was found in 1997, with the aim of providing Internet security to both individuals as well as businesses

Now, let’s compare the features of Malwarebytes Vs Webroot to find which out of them is better.

Comparison Of Features Of Webroot Vs Malwarebytes

malwarebytes vs webroot features

There are tons of features that you may find with both of these software programs. Out of them, we compared Webroot and Malwarebytes on the basis of features that a good antivirus should have:

Basic Protection Against Malware

Malwarebytes is famous for cleaning infected devices that are primarily used for households purposes. Its tools like Warning tools and Prevention tools help to assess the attacks on your device caused by external interference and simultaneously prevent them from harming your computer.

Webroot SecureAnywhere is a great tool that protects both individuals and businesses from threats such as malware attacks. It detects and monitors threats without the user needing to keep a track of the Virus. It protects business endpoints and can also work along with any other antivirus software.

So, both Webroot vs Malwarebytes are capable of efficiently identifying and removing malware from your device.

Protection Against Ransomeware And Zero-Day Malware

Malwarebytes provides a shield to systems that are vulnerable to threats and helps in stopping ransomware attacks. The Malwarebytes software has a centralized management, and asset management, that deploys solutions, tracks, manages, and monitors all networked endpoints. Though it was not that efficient against the zero-day malware programs. Moreover, it flagged some of our encrypted files as malware.

Phishing And Privacy Protection

Besides malware protection, both Webroot vs Malwarebytes also comes with some privacy tools. Webroot comes with identity and privacy shields that provide online privacy and protection to businesses and individuals. Its anti-phishing technology and infrared defense secure it from outside threats. It supports Multi-environment and also has a built-in outbound firewall. It also provides Offline protection to its customers.

Malwarebytes also comes with a comprehensive kit for online protection. It is capable of removing the annoying ads from Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, etc. Besides, it also blocks malicious websites and apps to prevent you from phishing and other online threats.

Both Malwarebytes vs Webroot offer amazing online protection tools. Though the tools of Malwarebytes are considered better and more focused for securing online privacy.

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System Compatibility

webroot or malwarebytes device compatibility

Malwarebytes is compatible with almost all the major operating systems. You can use it on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and ChromeOS devices. Like Malwarebytes, Webroot is also compatible with a large of Desktops including Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS. Besides, you can also use it on Android and iOS smartphones.

User Interface

Malwarebytes has a minimalistic interface. It is an easy-to-use antivirus program that comes in handy in protecting your computer against malware. It is also very easy to navigate through its menu to select various tools.

Compared to Malwarebytes, the interface of Webroot is quite ordinary. Though you can find all the major tools on the main dashboard and it is also very easy to use it.

So, it is very easy to start working with both of these programs. Though, you will find the interface of Malwarebytes much intuitive.

User Support

Malwarebytes lacks efficiency and fast response in the case of customer support. Support for Malwarebytes is only available through tickets and phone. Webroot provides its customers with Phone as well as online customer support, in order to give instant resolution to its customers regarding any kind of query.

So, Webroot has an edge over Malwarebytes in terms of user assistance and support.

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Price Of Webroot Vs Malwarebytes

Till now, we have compared the various features offered by Malwarebytes vs Webroot. Now, we will be going to look at the prices of these programs. The yearly plan of Malwarebytes costs $8.33 a month and includes all the above-mentioned features. With this plan, you can secure up to 5 devices. It also provides a free trial to its customer.

Compared to Malwarebytes, Webroot offers quite flexible plans and its plans are as follows:

Period Devices Price
1 1 $29.99
1 3 $37.49
2 1 $59.99
2 3 $79.99
3 1 $89.99
3 3 $109.99

So, these are the pricing of the Webroot and Malwarebytes.

These are the main features of Webroot vs Malwarebytes. From that, we can realize that Webroot provides robust security systems to its customers. Webroot provides its customers with strong identity protection features as well, which Malware is unable to provide to large setups. Malwarebytes, on the other hand, is affordable, and more suitable for individual usage.

The Bottom Line 

In conclusion, we can say that if it is about one or a few computers that are a part of any small organization and need basic protection, they can go for Malwarebytes, as it will be an affordable software for them and will comply to their needs and requirements. But if you want a robust security system with all the security solutions, you can go for Webroot.

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