What’s New in Kaspersky Security Solutions?

What's new in Kaspersky Security Solution?

Kaspersky offers many security solutions for enterprises. We can not take an ounce of risk for security. This is why Kaspersky has brought the best security solutions for small, medium, and enterprises. Kaspersky company is a cyber-security company that provides antivirus and internet security products. But the security of a device does matter at a higher level it means business or enterprise-level also. Here, you will know what’s new in Kaspersky security solutions. The different solutions detect and identify the threats and cyber-attacks and respond against them to defeat.

Let us know before about the Kaspersky

Kaspersky provides home products, small business products, medium business products, and enterprise solutions. Kaspersky came in 1997 for providing security for the devices from the attacks of hackers. To keep online privacy safe and only up to you, it builds many software products. Kaspersky offers Kaspersky Antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Total Security, Security cloud in their home products. It also provides security for small and medium businesses. Some products are free to use but advanced features are only included in the premium that you will have to buy. The product price will be affordable for you if you use the Kaspersky Discount Coupon.

It includes many solutions for the enterprises –

  • Internet of Things and Embedded Security
  • Hybrid Cloud Security
  • Integrated Endpoint Security
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Security Awareness
  • CyberSecurity Services
  • Industrial CyberSecurity
  • Threat Management & Defense
  • Fraud Prevention
  • APT Intelligence Reporting

Features that include in the Kaspersky Security Products

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Safe Kids Protection – this is specially built for the online security of your kid. You can monitor your kid’s Facebook, view search history on YouTube, track them through GPS tracker, and more.

Antivirus Protection – scan and detect the malware and viruses after finding it will block them as it slows down the performance.

Hide IP address – A secure VPN connection that also offers and includes in the products by Kaspersky. It makes a user do communication securely online and use the internet even in public wifi. You can also access the restricted content and become an anonymous user as it hides the IP address.

30 days of the free trial before buying any product of Kaspersky to test and view the service.

In your one license, you can connect multiple devices and after expiration, you can renew and update it. Kaspersky offers a discount for an existing user on the renewal of your license.

Password Manager – put your all essential password, data, and lock the password on bank details. Auto-fill the form and address with the best feature of a Kaspersky Password Manager. It manages the password entries in a digital vault.

Kaspersky Provides Security Awareness

Kaspersky provides Security Awareness

Security awareness is important whether for personal or business. Most of the industries do not concentrate on security & therefore it caused cyber-attacks. This is why Kaspersky made educational programs and training so that the enterprise would be aware of the security. With the bits of help of this, you can reporting and analyzing the data and track all of your data on life. You will get to know where the improvement is needed most. And for the personal security of your device Internet security prevents your internet connection and does not enter spyware, ransomware, and viruses.

You can freely and securely be connected to the internet. It will give an alert if any other person tries to connect with your wifi. For this, you can install the Kaspersky Internet Security and buy at a nominal price using the Kaspersky Coupons. After connected to the internet security your internet connection will secure. If you are running an enterprise and want awareness, you can get the knowledge from the program of Kaspersky that it is offered.

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Threat Intelligence for Cybersecurity

Threat Intelligence for Cybersecurity

When cyber-attackers try to find out the information by malicious link, phishing site. The nice features of Kaspersky identify the threats and notify the users of this. And for the business level, the financial threat intelligence reporting identifies the threats. It keeps focusing on cyber-criminal tools to track the bank details, payment, ATM, and other crucial data. Kaspersky’s expert team keeps a report of the recent attack’s status.

Integrated Endpoint Security

In the industry or for the person everyone wants a security solution to prevent the information. The integrated endpoint security gives you advanced cybersecurity. An endpoint uses the multiple layer protection feature to defend the information. It applies the powerful technique so that attackers can not attack and identify the data. It decreases your risk that attackers will not find or track your information. And if there is no risk and fear it automatically helps in increasing the return on investment and maintain the human resource cost as well.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

Kaspersky Security Cloud

It includes all the best protection features that boost up the performance of your device. Parental control to monitor and keep an eye on your child’s online activities. The data leak prevention immediately gives you an update if your any account’s data is a leak. It gives you suggestions about data leak for this how can you tackle or manage them. Kaspersky security cloud renders security for mac, PC, android, and iOS devices. Security cloud includes VPN, password manager, antivirus, anti-ransomware, and mobile security. There is two Kaspersky security cloud plans are personal and family plan. You can connect 3 or 5 devices in a personal Kaspersky security cloud & up to 10 devices in the family security cloud. Kaspersky offers a free trial for 30 days before purchasing and to get a discount you can use Kaspersky Promo Code.

Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security

This version provides security for small businesses so that your employees can working safely. It protects your essential files and data and includes a security set of 5 to 25 employees. Defend all your device’s max, PC, windows, and windows file server. make payment and pay taxes as it provides safe money protection. It scanning the devices that the employees using and business applications. Small office security provides advanced ransomware protection. Prevent all of your accounts by a password manager as these features generate a strong password.


Kaspersky is an award-winning company and provides its service for the security of the device since 1997. Protect your device whether mac, PC, Android, or iOS, and multiple devices in one license. Home products are made in such a way with the best features to protect the device from harmful attacks. It keeps you all kind of sensitive information, files, data, and document safe. The Antivirus scan the malware and after finding it block them and stop you to click on a malicious link. Kaspersky’s free antivirus includes fewer features but for advanced features, you can get the premium version. The Kaspersky Promotional Code will help you to save money on purchasing of premium plan. The small business security and the enterprise security solution provides an advanced level of protection to your devices. As it offers programs and educational training to get cybersecurity.